We are so excited to begin a monthly video series titled Adventures with Maggie in Partnership with Whistle.

Maggie rose above her humble origins at the Los Angeles city shelter to become a working animal actor in movies, TV, and print media. Now she’s trying to change the world for working dogs. She’s the inspiration and soul of ‘Working Like A Dog’, a multimedia project to educate people on working and service dogs.

Join us on our adventure in dog training as we go new places, teach new things, and make friends while tracking activity through Whistle. We hope we inspire you to get our and do more with your dog too.

Maggie is nominated for a Hero Dog Award, we seriously appreciate all votes, http://www.herodogawards.org/contestants?nominee=21264151

Whistle – www.whistle.com

Video by Sofia Draco
Music by The Native Sibling, ‘Carry You’.

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