Holiday gift ideas for pets and the people who love them! 

The holidays are quickly approaching. Have you finished your shopping for everyone on your list – pets included? If you’re still looking for those last few must-haves, I got together with Maggie and Rossi to make a list of our favorite products for pets and the people who love them. Wearables: KoKoLati Collars and Leashes.  …

Dog Car sickness, how to help and prevent it
Health & Safety

Dog car sickness: why it happens and how to help stop it

Even a short trip in your car is often a stressful event. Traffic congestion, time-sensitive appointments, weather hazards – we all know those situations too well.  Now add a puking puppy passenger to the mix and it’s hell on wheels. I know this, my youngest doodle, Rossi, used to get car sick on any longer …