Dogs of Badminton Horse Trials

Yes, I know. It’s the Badminton Horse Trials. But the truth is, dogs outnumber horses on the grounds of Badminton House on the competition weekend. The overarching theme is country, as in United Kingdom countryside, with every shape and form of native breed on display at the end of someone’s leash. Terriers, pointers, setters, spaniels, lurchers (go look it up, my American friends), hounds, retrievers, and you can’t just have one.

Due to the very English weather – wind, rain, occasional glimpses of sun – battle dress was required. Most dogs came kitted out in waterproof coats; those that didn’t were marched to the tradestands (miles and miles of the most amazing shopping) and fitted for a new one. Even though Maggie wasn’t here, I bought her a really sharp blue plaid fleece from British Eventing so we could show our support for my other team.

I bought this hat because I wanted to spend the weekend fighting to keep it on my head.  This was the hat of Badminton 2014 — everyone seemed to be wearing it or trying it on in the shops.  If you’re wondering why I’m standing in front of this Land Rover, it’s because I really, really, really want one, even if right-hand drive would be a nightmare in Los Angeles. Sooo, if anyone has one, let’s go for a ride! 



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