How to teach your dog to wait for dinner.

Rossi LOVES his food but I love him too wait patiently for his dinner, having a dog under foot while preparing dinner can not only be annoying but can lead to spilled food and a stepped on paw.

This is such a routine in my house it’s a piece of cake now and can be for you too. Waiting for food patently is something I work with every dog who comes over for training, no matter your dogs age or breed you can teach your dog to wait for food.

How to teach a dog to wait for food

  1. I always have a specific place to teach dogs to wait for food, in my house we use a kitchen mat.
  2. Before I scoop their Ziwi do food I lead them over with a treat ask them to sit on the mat (and reward when they sit).
  3. I then prepare their dinner
  4. ANY time my dog gets up I calmly lead them back and reset them on the mat and ask them to stay.
  5. With my dog on the mat, I begin to slowly lower their food to the ground
  6. If my dog begins to get up, I quickly pick up the food and lead my dog back to the mat and ask them to stay. The first few times you may be doing this a lot and that’s okay! Don’t get frustrated, take your time and keep resetting your pup.
  7. Once I put my pet’s bowl down and my dog is staying I say a release word to go eat, I say ‘Okay!’.
  8. The more consistent you are in practicing this the faster your dog will be to understand it too.

If you are consistent with practicing this, within a week you will see a huge difference in feeding time. We hope you enjoy this video and notes on how to teach a dog your dog to wait for food.

How to teach a dog to wait for food

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