In-N-Out Burgers Makes a Dogs Day

In our house, we have very strict food rules for both Maggie and I. The only treats Maggie gets are K9 Bro’s  because of their health benefits, few ingredients, and also because Maggie really loves them. When it comes to treats, Maggie is incredibly picky and often turns up her nose. As for human food, I don’t offer it to her, which means she never really begs at home.

Unless it’s cheese.

But, honestly, that makes two of us. You could say we both share a slight obsession with cheese… and who can blame us, really? And also In-N-Out, but I think that’s because we’re both from Southern California and In-N-Out is a SoCal icon.

Maggie’s world stops spinning for In-N-Out. I’ve never had a hamburger in my life, but I’ve had moments of panic late at night when we have an early call time and I suddenly realize we have no treats for set in the morning. Those are the nights when you’ll see us at the In-N-Out drive-through, ordering burgers ‘dog style’ (that’s no salt, extra well done, meat patty only). Maggie knows when we’re at the drive-thru – her olfactory receptors have a special channel for In-N-Out, and she starts crying and whining with anticipation as we’re waiting in line.

IMG_8758 1

Maggie at the In-N-Out corporate headquarters. It’s a dogs life!

Maggie would pretty much abandon any dog toy and treat for an in-out-burger. Here’s the proof. Now just try not to think of Maggie next time you’re in line at In-N-Out. We dare you.


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