The holidays are looming closer, and if there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that no matter which holidays you celebrate, it’s more fun to buy gifts for dogs than for humans. In case you’re freaking out over exactly what to wrap and put under the tree for the canines in your life, Maggie and I made a list of our favorite 2014 offerings.

Maggie is not your average canine consumer. She has strong likes and dislikes, and most things fall into the ‘not interested’ category. But when she likes something, she loves it, so take a Maggie endorsement as a very big recommend.

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Maggie’s favorite 2014 products…

iFetch – Do you have a tennis ball-loving dog? The kind of dog that will keep bringing back the damn ball no matter how hard you try to send it into oblivion? Then the iFetch is the best friend of man’s best friend. Your fetch-obsessed dog can – with some training – play by himself for days on end, indoors or out. Currently, the one available model is for small-to-medium dogs, but in 2015, iFetch is releasing one designed for large dogs. Maggie has some bigger friends who are so looking forward to this. (


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K9 Bros – Maggie eats well. She has about two dozen allergies (no kidding) but her skin and coat are great because she eats the right foods. Our favorite treats are K9 Bros: only three ingredients and no bad sugars, dyes, or additives. K9 Bros uses only USDA-approved meats, free of hormones and antibiotics. A bag of these treats last Maggie over a month, and they’re very easy to break into little pieces to use as training treats. Maggie turns her nose up at almost everything, which can be quite embarrassing (I call it spoiled, she calls it good taste) but she NEVER leaves a K9Bros on the floor untouched. (

Another awesome treat to consider if you are looking for something that isn’t meat-based is Your Dogs Dinner.


Whistle – Wearable tech is red-hot for Christmas 2014 and dogs can wear tech, too. We use Whistle to track our adventures, and I also use Whistle to keep an eye on Maggie’s activity levels so I’ll have a better idea when she’s healthy and when she’s feeling a little tired. Whistle is getting a fantastic upgrade in 2015 – the new GPS collar is already available for pre-order. (

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Bitch and stud collars – For the most sophisticated pups, our favorite leather colors with the nicest workmanship and quality I have hands down ever seen, made right here in the USA. Lots of options – check out the greyhound collars and the fancy ones with Swarovski crystals. (


ZUMI leashes – Leashes for every adventure. Solid marine-grade rope that’s machine-spliced to hold even the strongest of pups, available in a wide range of colors. Our favorite is the dual lead which changes from a clip- to a slip-lead quickly and easily. (

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Green Slow Feeder – Maggie doesn’t chow down quickly so this isn’t something that she uses, but I’ve recommended it to many clients. The design of the feeder makes your dog’s meal last longer than, say, 15 seconds. Even your dog will enjoy that.


Car harness – Dogs need seat belts too. I looked for a long time for a harness that was easy to put on and take off. I discovered the Kurgo one and love it. It allows Maggie to lie down, sit up, and move about the back seat just enough so that she stays comfortable. This harness has been safety-tested and could help protect your pup in an unfortunate accident. (


Lifejacket for water adventures – Living in California we do a lot of adventures on the water, from stand-up paddleboarding to surfing to sailing. Maggie never goes without the EzyDog flotation device. The EzyDog is super-thick and easily supports her in the water, yet it’s still light enough so that she has no problem running around like crazy on the beach. The handle is large and easy to grab, and the bright, reflective fabric helps you keep an eye on your dog in the water. (

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Go-pro fetch – This works best for bigger dogs. I found myself getting a little seasick at the shaky videos Maggie made with it. But I’ve seen the results with our large-dog friends, and the video is much more steady. (


Skipping stones – Another great product from Kurgo. I have a ton of their products  that I absolutely love and use daily, from car seat liners to collapsible bowls. The new Skipping Stones take the game of fetch to a new level. Usually, outdoor fetch leads to a slobbery, muddy, get-that-thing-away-from-me ball on the ride home but the Skipping Stones clean easily, and dogs love the way they bounce and float in water. (


Petzila – While Maggie doesn’t own this, I think some pet owners might like it. There are a lot of similar products out there in the world of pet tech but this looks like a winner. A great treat for pups with separation anxiety or to check in on your pup while you are out to see what they are up to. (

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