Thanksgiving usually conjures up visuals of long tables covered with harvest vegetables and a giant turkey, surrounded by family members crowded inside to escape the end-of-autumn cold. But we live in Los Angeles, where our weather averages 78 degrees in November, and my family is anything but big. As you might expect, our Thanksgiving here is definitely not traditional in terms of picture-perfect Americana.

Of course, Maggie and I aren’t exactly traditional either, so that’s all fine with us. Our Thanksgiving is a mix of friends (furry and human) and family (also furry and human), and we visit places to show our appreciation for what we love about California


I should also mention that roughly half of my family is in England, where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated. No one expects me to brave the traveling throngs to show up in the UK, where turkeys aren’t a native bird and ‘football’ is a game played with your feet. My parents are local to me in LA, so I don’t have to try to outsmart the winter weather warnings in other parts of the US. And because so many Angelenos do travel home for the holidays, Thanksgiving is one of those rare days when LA is magically, blissfully traffic-free.

Usually, one of my own personal Thanksgiving traditions is to go horseback riding (Maggie comes too!) but this year, I’m out of action due to a minor car accident. Even so, I made a point to go and see the horses with Maggie. Horses are a huge part of our lives, so it’s only fair that we give thanks to these wonderful creatures.
We had our friend Ziggy with us. Ziggy lives upstairs and is spending the weekend with us while his owner is away. He doesn’t let being a tri-pod slow him down at all. We went to the beach and chased tennis balls in the sand.

IMG_6412 IMG_6455 IMG_6492

Next, we went to the horses where Maggie rolled in empty corrals while I visited with my equine friends. En route, we checked out all the local holiday decorations and of course took a few photos.

By then, we were hungry, and it was just about time to get together with my family. My family is small, it’s just me, my mum, my dad and, of course, Maggie. Cooking at home wasn’t really an option for us. It’s hard to cook a turkey for just three (mostly vegetarian) people, and my mum is recovering from a stroke she had a few weeks ago. We’d made plans to meet up at a restaurant near their house.

One of our best human friends, Arianna, joined us for dinner, and while not necessarily traditional, it was filled with love and dogs, perfect in all the right ways. We enjoyed a lovely dinner out and no one had to clean up. It was so good that Maggie is still waiting at the door looking for turkeys; she’s convinced this is like Easter and a delicious turkey will come trotting by. I don’t have the heart to tell her it doesn’t work like that.



We hope you got to spend your Thanksgiving with people you love. We are so thankful for the love and support we get from our blog posts, and we hope to shake paws with all of you someday in real life. You really hold a special place with us.

Thank you all so much for sharing our holiday.

In case there wasn’t enough Turkey themed photos, here are some photos of Maggie dressed as a Turkey for a photo shoot for DogVacay done by the The Puptographer.


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