Mostly we are just two young girls that love dogs and are blown away by just how extraordinary these animals can be. We are also sick of people trying to pet them while working, yelling out to them, and other ridiculous mannerisms. We are trying to do our part to make things a little better for handlers and dogs alike.

As dog owners, trainers, models and photographers (we really are all of those things!), we understand a lot of people’s views and are coming at this project from many different angles.

We have both been modeling for over 20 years and have spent many hours in front of cameras, doing interviews, traveling the world, and making connections. Now we take to the other side of the camera with a unique style and look at working dogs.

Brandise Danesewich is a photographer who specializes in animals and music.  If you Google her name (there’s only one Brandise Danesewich), you’ll see that she starred in the TV series Project Runway and the spin-off Models of the Runway; hosts a popular radio show in Los Angeles; and has a hugely successful modeling career.  Most recently, Brandise shot Jackson Browne’s promotional photos for his most recent solo acoustic tour, worked on Glee 3d, and has shot for rolling stone magazine.

Nicole Ellis is a celebrity dog trainer based in Los Angeles.  Nicole has trained everything from bears to tigers to leopards as well as household dogs and cats.  Her dog, Maggie, was adopted from a city shelter and now appears in films and commercials, works at hospitals, nursing homes, knows over 100 commands, has her own food line, fan club, and many other entertaining feats.  Alongside her training business, Nicole has her own modeling career that’s taken her all over the world and introduced her to many interesting people and animals. Most recently, Nicole stared in Ayumi Hamaski’s recent video, Last Angel, topping charts across the world.

Reels available upon request.

Nicole Ellis Brandise Danesewich Maggie and Duke

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  1. Hi Brandise,

    I just sent Nicole an email, but forgot to mention the info I think you were requesting of me. California Bug Hounds currently has 2 working dogs: Bugsby, a 2 year old Jack Russell trained at J & K Canine Academy in Florida and is certified by NESDCA, and Raven, a 2 year old German Shepherd trained at Falco Canine Academy in California and is Falco certified. Our service area is basically northern California, along with the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Our dogs are trained to locate the scent of live bed bug odor and are extremely accurate and love what they do.
    I am Dave Stapp and my partner is Greg Popovich. We can be reached at 209-768-3239.

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