Quickly teach your dog to roll over in 5 mins

Learn how to easily teach your dog to roll over in no time!

Roll over! Roll over is one of the top requested trick videos I get, so I’m excited to share with you how to easily teach your dog to roll over.

Teach your dog to roll over

What you need to teach roll over:

  1. I suggest practicing this on a rug, carpet or soft dog bed. I’m using a mat from Pet P.L.A.Y.
  2. Some delicious treats! You can see the ones I recommend here.

How to easily teach your dog to roll over, step by step:

  1. Ask your dog to lay down.
  2. Bring a treat from your dogs towards their rib cage
  3. As your dog’s body starts to lean reward and give the treat.
  4. Repeat a few times
  5. Slowly start to bring the treat over their belly creating a roll – and reward!
  6. Slowly increase the distance you bring your treat, you may have to switch hands with the treat as your dog begins to roll to the other side.
  7. And of course reward at the end.

While I move through the steps pretty quickly in the video you should go at the best pace for your dog, if your dog is uncomfortable exposing his or her belly then just go a little slower to build up their confidence – really rewarding the steps your pup is comfortable doing. And of course have fun training and end of a high note.

Products in training video:

  1. Dog Bed by Pet Play code MaggieRossi gives 20% off
  2. Treats by Ziwi
  3. Training vest by Hurtta

What to train next?

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