Social media is a funny thing.  We are so grateful for all of the friends and connections Maggie and I have made due to social media.  Our circles of friendship and support would be much smaller without social media.  But the internet definitely isn’t our whole or ‘real’ life, and I admit social media can turn even a charmed life into a fairy tale.  For example, Maggie and I certainly don’t spend every minute cavorting on the beach or playing with baby tigers, despite how much we wish our lives were all about the fun.  The reality is, we spend a lot of time at DogVacay working on the mobile team, lots of time on our living room floor practicing go marks and striking poses, sometimes we have dance parties just the two of us in the living room and many nights on the couch by ourselves cuddling and watching Disney movies. 

Recently, our very inspiring friend Nicole Alvarez launched a project called ‘We Are Uncool‘ to take a stand against bullying and be our real selves on social media.  (Maggie and are huge fans of the amazing things Nicole does. And if your a cat fan, Nicole has a rad cat too.)  But Maggie didn’t want to leave it at just being supportive, she wanted to take part too. 

So here’s our photo that we also shared on Instagram.

FullSizeRender 3

Because this is about showing our real selves, Maggie gave me permission to share these three things about her:

1.  When I try to catch tennis balls in the air, I usually miss.  I think the technical term for this is poor eye-mouth coordination.

2.  I’m allergic to chicken.  If I eat it, I get projectile diarrhea.

3. I once stole an entire chicken off the table when my mum left the room. She found out though cause I dropped it in the hallway when I went to see how much time I had to get it to my bed.

#wearealluncool #iamnotcool

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