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Dog Car sickness, how to help and prevent it
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Dog car sickness: why it happens and how to help stop it

Even a short trip in your car is often a stressful event. Traffic congestion, time-sensitive appointments, weather hazards – we all know those situations too well.  Now add a puking puppy passenger to the mix and it’s hell on wheels. I know this, my youngest doodle, Rossi, used to get car sick on any longer …

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Earthquake? Hurricane? Fires? What do I pack for my dog in an emergency?

Recently, we’ve had some earthquakes in Southern California which have put lots of people on edge wondering if the Big One will strike soon. During the serious Northridge quake of 1994, I was 8 years old and the world was a very different place. We didn’t have cell phones to call and check on everyone …

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Is it worth it to get pet insurance and pet insurance comparison

Pet health insurance. Like everyone else who’s been in and out of the veterinarian’s office with their pet, I’ve heard of it.  But is it worth it?  Does it make sense? What exactly does it cover? Is it crazy to buy my dog insurance?  After pondering these questions myself, I went in search of answers.  …

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Dog DNA test comparison and what you can learn from DNA tests

What kind of dog is that? If you have a mixed breed dog, or anything that looks slightly less typey than a Dalmatian, chances are you’ve been asked that question. About a million times. You might have some ideas about your dog’s breeding, for those of us who’ve found their dogs or adopted from rescues …