How to teach footsies

This trick reminds me of when little girls dances with their dads and stand on their feet, it’s a bit different but still a wonderful connection is there.  We’re going to teach your dog to walk with his front paws on your feet. Start with your toes pointed in – for larger dogs you’ll be able to keep a little… Read more →

Mental enrichment toys

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘a tired dog is a happy dog.’  I would agree with that. However, that statement doesn’t quite represent the full picture. A mentally-stimulated, tired dog is a happy dog. Physical exercise is great and very necessary for a dog but it’s really only half of the equation. Your dog, intelligent creature that he or she is, also… Read more →

Gifts for loss of a pet

The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult things imaginable to me. It’s losing a family member, with the same profound effects and maybe more. Studies have shown that losing a pet is often harder on people than the loss of a human in their lives – but really, I don’t think we need a study to… Read more →

Our favorite pet products from SuperZoo 2019

For those of us who live and breathe the pet industry, August means SuperZoo, the weeklong extravaganza when Las Vegas becomes the epicenter of pet products and services. My dogs and I go every year – this was Maggie’s eighth SuperZoo and Rossi’s second. SuperZoo showcases animal products for every sector of the industry: food, toys, beds, habitats, wearables, holistic… Read more →

Earthquake? Hurricane? Fires? What do I pack for my dog in an emergency?

Recently, we’ve had some earthquakes in Southern California which have put lots of people on edge wondering if the Big One will strike soon. During the serious Northridge quake of 1994, I was 8 years old and the world was a very different place. We didn’t have cell phones to call and check on everyone or facebook to update our… Read more →