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How to teach your dog to jump through your arms

This trick is always one of the favorites when we volunteer at hospitals and I’m sure it will be a hit whenever you do it too. We’re going to be teaching your dog to jump through your arms. A quick note if you have a puppy this is one you will want to hold off teaching as puppies shouldn’t be… Read more →

How to teach your dog to do a handstand

Maggie is an old pro at handstands but my younger dog, Rossi, is just learning. I’ve filmed a lot of our training sessions, which range from genius moments to oops. But that’s how real dog training goes and you just keep at it with patience and consistency. For Rossi’s training, I’m using a Klimb from Blue-9 Pet Products. Back when… Read more →

How to teach your dog to spin in a circle

Spinning in circles!  This is a fun and easy one to teach!  Start with some tasty treats – or your dogs meal. With the treat at your dogs nose height lure them around in a circle and reward with your treat. If needed reward in small steps as you move around the circle. Repeat this and and as your pet… Read more →

Teaching your dog to fetch

If your dog is a natural retriever, fetching might seem like the easiest thing in the world. Your dog does it without prompting and he’ll play fetch for hours (or days!) with you (or anyone). But fetching isn’t just a ‘natural’ game – it’s a skill that any dog can learn. To train this skill, I like to use toys… Read more →

How do I get my dog to stop nipping and biting me!

How do I get my dog to stop nipping and biting me! It starts as play. It’s what puppies do with each other. It’s what puppies do with just about everything they encounter. And some adult dogs still do it when they want you to play with them. Nipping and biting might seem cute and playful at first. But puppies… Read more →

Teaching your dog to go to bed

This is a skill that doesn’t sound much like a ‘skill’ at first but teaching your dog to go to his special place to lie down for quiet time will contribute to greater social opportunities and quality of life for both you and your dog. For example, if your dog is the type to exuberantly greet every visitor to your… Read more →

Bringing a new dog home, the first few weeks

There are few things in life more exciting than bringing a new dog into your home. No matter where your dog comes from – breeder, shelter, rescue, stray, friend-of-a-friend – you’re always going to be over the moon about adding a new family member who’s going to join in your life and adventures. A lifetime of experiences and memories awaits… Read more →

Teaching your dog not to jump on you at the door

How to prevent your dog from jumping on you and house guests when you walk through the door

One of the training questions I get asked most often is ‘How do I stop my dog from jumping up on people when they walk in the door?’ Most dog owners know this situation well – your exuberant dog jumps up on you when you get home from work or he jumps on your guests when they come over. We… Read more →