Our favorite pet products we use in our home

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I get a lot of questions on products we use, to make it easier to reply to those I sat down and made a list of our favorite items for our top asked-about categories.

I’m very picky about what I give my dogs; after lots of research and discussions with their care team of vets, we make sure they eat healthy, have treats they gobble up and love (even picky Maggie), and toys they love and last in our household of guest dogs too.

Some of the companies (like their favorite toys from Pet P.L.A.Y, the CBD Maggie takes, Skouts Honor, Ziwi, and Diggs has been kind enough to provide discounts and coupon codes we can pass down to you!

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We can never have enough toys in our house. I love to hide some toys and keep rotating them, that keeps them exciting and fun! Tough chewer? We have a blog post just for you!

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Hear Doggy Flatties...image Hear Doggy

You know that squeaky toy sound that goes on and on, squeak squeak squeak? You know what I'm talking about. With Hear Doggy toys it's silent, but your dog can hear it due to an ultrasonic squeaker. Amazing. I love love love these.

P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle...image Pet P.L.A.Y.

Get 20% off with code MaggieRossi on petplay.com If you've been to our house you've probably seen Rossi and his taco obsession. We have the whole food line because of him and  for an active puppy like Rossi, these are perfect. Maggie is obsessed with their waffle. Many of the PLAY toys rip into pieces - he has fries that come out of a holder, a hamburger (and taco) that rip and then reattach again and again. Perfect for those busy body pups! 

Fluff & Tuff...image Fluff & Tuff

We love these, honest truth. They are durable toys BUT, my dogs aren't crazy destroyers of toys, they do destroy some but not many. These look brand new still. If you want a plush cute toy there are some of the most durable (but still cute) dog toys we have found. They are made with a durable mesh Linder and then double stitched.  Rossi is a little obsessed with the Flamingo and thinks that's his girlfriend, but that's another story all together. 😯

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Paw 5 Dog...image Snuffle Mat I’ve used snuffle mats with all my clients and with Rossi. You can easily make one, for me this was easier. It’s machine washable too! I often put their dog food in the mat and the dogs have to work to find their food with their noses, this not only helps tire them out, use their minds, but helps dogs eat slowly to prevent bloat. Not to mention they love it. $39.95
Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff...image Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Super easy to fill and keeps the pups entertained for a long time! It's quiet which is something I personally enjoy while they chase it around the house. $11.99
KONG Stuff-A-Ball -...image Stuff-A-Ball Stuff with your pets favorite treats, a great way to keep them occupied and busy! $15.99
West Paw Design...image WestPaw Zogoflex Toppl Super durable and great for all ages. You can freeze your pups food in it, throw in a few treats and even snap the large and small together. $24.95
KONG - Classic...image KONG We probably have 8 Kongs in our home. You can never have enough. It keeps our dogs busy, keeps them engaged, and tires them out. Also they love it so I love giving it to them. Sneak some peanut butter, cheese, or plain yogurt inside and mix it up with kibble or treats and your pups will be so happy! To make it last longer throw it in the freezer for a few hours. $13.99
Outward Hound Nina...image Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Puzzle Game I love the puzzle games by Nina Ottosson, don’t waste your money on level one (I promise), Level 2 and 3 are perfect!! Both Rossi and Maggie love these games, they both have different methods of playing, just like us. $8.56
iDig Stay Digging...image iFetch Idig Digging Toy Rossi’s favorite toy! Hide some treats OR toys and let your pet dig away. This is the first and only digging toy for dogs, instead of reprimanding them for an innate desire let them dig (in an appropriate place). $99.99
KONG Wobbler Dog...image KONG Wobbler Dog Toy Who doesn't love the kong wobbler, endless fun and not super quick to solve! $20.99

Toys for puppies

Puppies love to chew on things, it’s important we give them toys to help stimulate good behavior on items we want them to chew on, toys instead of our nice couch.

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KONG - Puppy...image KONG Puppy

Like our favorite Kong but specialized for sharp tiny puppy teeth. We adore kong, it’s a great way to keep your puppy busy, to reward them (such as in crate training), to make them tired, and of course happy. We love freezing ours with plain yogurt or peanut butter and some treats or kibble. Yum! 

KONG - Ballistic...image KONG - Ballistic Hide 'n Treat

This has remained a favorite in our house from puppies to adults, we love this toy. Note it is not super difficult and not for the super chewers.

KONG Puppy Tires...image KONG Puppy Tires

Similar to to puppy kong but great for rolling, chasing, and more! Just like a kong mix with peanut butter for an enriching busy treat.

Petstages Deerhorn Antler...image Petstages Deerhorn Antler Alternative Dog Chew Toy, Medium

Petstages bone is a great alternativ to antlers for teething puppies, without the choicking hazzard of antlers these are a great alternative that feels good toteething puppies.

Orka Bone Orka Bone

Rossi’s favorite toy as a puppy. We had two of these he loved them so much. It must feel good to teeth on and he loves chewing the fabric pieces too. For puppies it’s great for teething, you can even throw it in the freezer and the little ties are a lot of fun for them to chew on and drag the bone around by. Once he became a big grown boy he seemed to not have any interest in it anymore. But it brought him lots of joy as a puppy.

Dog Rope Toy...image Puppy Rope Pet Chew (small to medium dogs)

Rope toys often feel great for teethng puppies and you cna freeze them too! They can shread them apart and areflossing their teeth too! 

$9.99 ($9.99 / Count)
ADUCK Pet Puppy...image Jax & Bones Rope toy (med- large dogs)

Rope toys often feel great for teethng puppies and you cna freeze them too! They can shread them apart and areflossing their teeth too! 



I use treats daily from training to chews that help my pets clean their teeth.

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ZIWI Peak Good...image Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb/Beef/Venison $11.78 ($3.93 / oz)

(Or save 20% off your order directly from Ziwi with code Maggie20) Our #1 go to for training. With no added sugar, no grains, and additives it’s perfect for training. I don’t worry about giving them unhealthy items and they are working for meat/food which is fuel and helps them throughout the day. Not to mention even my pickiest dog clients (& Maggie) LOVE Ziwi.

Blue-9 Inspire Dog...image Blue-9 Pet Inspire Dog Treats

I love the size, how easy they are to break into small pieces and that there are no crumbs either. Great for training for puppies to adults.

Pupford Freeze Dried...image Freeze-Dried Training Treats from Pupford $15.99 ($4.00 / oz)

(Or get 10% off on their site with code nicole10) I absolutely love the Pupford treats, they are small and low-calorie and the dogs love them. These are a go-to in my training sessions and all the dogs love them. The size is perfect for both training and their treat balls (in our mental enrichment section). 

These are available in Chicken, Beef Liver, Rabbit and Sweet Potato.

Full Moon All...image Full Moon All Natural Human Grade Duck Training Treats For Dogs, 5 Ounce (97541) $7.49 ($1.50 / oz)

I really like this company and probably the least expensive on this list. The duck is my go to, these are soft treats so be sure to seal that bag well. It's all human-grade, farm-raised and is actually sold at target (the only good treat company there IMO).

Northwest Naturals Raw...image Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze-Dried Treats $29.99 ($3.00 / oz)

I generally stay away from freeze-dried treats for training simply because they are super messy and distracting. But gosh, dogs go CRAZY for these, especially the white fish. So if you are looking for a great item to reward when your dog does amazing I really would consider these. Also great for your mental environment games

Full Moon USDA...image Full Moon USDA Organic Chicken Training Treats Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human Grade 175 Treats $8.49 ($1.42 / oz)

I really like this company and probably the least expensive on this list. It's all human-grade, farm-raised and is actually sold at target (the only good treat company there IMO).

ZIWI Venison Hoofer...image ZIWI Venison Hoofer - Small Deer Dog Bone – All Natural, Novel Single Protein, Air-Dried Treat for Gentle Chewers $13.02

A longer lasting chew, something for our dogs to focus and chew on from Ziwi

Full Moon Wild...image Full Moon All Natural Wild Jerky

I love these Bison treats because it's a rare protein most dogs do really well on it, I haven't seen a dog not excited to eat these and they are easy to rip tiny smaller pieces for training.

Best Bully Sticks...image Best Bully Sticks Odor-Free Bully Sticks $54.99 ($2.75 / Count)

Need to keep your pup busy and occupied? They will love these and you'll love they are odor free. Be careful some companies make theirs in China, this is the brand we use.

ZIWI Dog Chews...image ZIWI Dog Chews Treats – All Natural, Air-Dried, Single Protein, Grain-free, High-Value Treat, Snack, Reward (Beef Weasand) 2.5 Ounce (Pack of 1) $15.00 ($6.00 / oz)

Delicious and healthy chews! These are great for a quick snack that help with oral health too.

Blue-9 Inspire Dog...image Blue-9 Dog Training Treat Pouch

This is my go to treat bag of the many I own. It has a zipper on the back to put my key or cards, the front pocket fits my phone and a quick closure to the treat section so no treats are spilled during our adventures.

Probiotics + Oil’s

Both dogs are on probiotics. Puppies should be on them daily in my opinion as they love to put dirty things in their mouths and we need to keep them healthy. Probiotics have a ton of health effects for dogs. just like they do for us. Maggie is on them 3-5x a week to keep her gut healthy and stool formed. If either dog has an upset tummy I give double the dose that day and the following day. Here’s our favorites:

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Nordic Naturals -...image Nordic Naturals - Omega-3 Pet (Cats and Small Breed Dogs) - 2oz (2 Pack)

Omega-3 oil we give the dogs to help with allergies, dry skin, join health, heart and brain health, and eye development, and keep their coat nice and healthy! This is our favorite company and the only one we give.

$34.82 ($8.70 / Fl Oz)
The Honest Kitchen...image The Honest Kitchen Instant Goat's Milk with Probiotics for Dogs and Cats 5.2 oz

Highly digestible dehydrated goat's milk with 5 billion active probiotics and digestive enzymes, just add water. Helps aid digestion, immune system support, and over all well being and health. While Maggie will drink/eat both of these Probiotics she honestly LOVES this one - I catch her licking the bowl even after it's empty daily, and I haven't had a client that hasn't.

Amounts to feed:

It comes with a provided school that is 1 TBS.

  • 71-90lb dog 2 tbsp
  • 51- 70lb dog 1 ½ tbsp
  • 31- 50lb dog 1 tbsp
  • 11- 30lb dog/cat ½ tbsp
  • 1-10lb dog/cat 1 teaspoon
$16.65 ($3.20 / oz)
Fidobiotics, Good Guts...image Fidobiotics, Good Guts Small Dog, 1 Count

Keeping a healthy gut is important to us and this is an item we rotate throughout the year.


Grooming, Cleaning & health

Having poodle mixes I get a lot of questions on how my dogs smell nice and don’t have knots, here are our top products we use to keep them tangle-free, keep their smiles bright, and their paws clean.

Not on the chart below is the health test I do for allergens and gut issues, Use code Maggie for $20 off Petmedella.comIt’s hard to put into words what I learned on this test, I took a chance on it and was so blown away I ordered for myself and not long later it solved ALL of Rossi’s skin issues (that no one could answer). Maggie has some weird tummy issues that no one has been able to figure out. We did it! This taught us what’s going on, what wasn’t performing properly in her body and what items she is sensitive to (from food to plastic). We are now on the road to get her gut working at 100% and that is AMAZING. 

Lastly, pet insurance is health-related and so important! Read more on pet insurance here.

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Skout’s Honor: Probiotic...image Skout’s Honor: Probiotic Detangler

Use code ELLIS20 for a discount on their site. We love their products! From toy cleaners to urine destroyers, it's why our house never smells of dogs, ever, and our toys are squeaky clean years later.

$17.99 ($2.25 / FL Oz)
TrueBlue Lavender &...image TrueBlue Detangling Spray

Another favorite detangler, I love all the TrueBlue products and this is no exception.

Andis 65730 Stainless-Steel...image Andis 7-1/2-Inch Steel Comb

The trick to keep your pets tangle-free, comb then brush.... every day. It will not only be faster in the long run but will feel good to your pet too.

Show Tech Transgroom...image Show Tech Transgroom Tuffer Than Tangles Slicker with Regular Pins

My groomer said a nice brush makes grooming so much easier and recommended this one. We bring this brush to set and on all our adventures with us.

Chris Christensen Mark...image Chris Christensen Mark II Slicker Brush, Groom Like a Professinal, Stainless Steel Pins, Lightweight Beech Wood Body, Ground and Polished Tips, Small

Chris Christensen makes incredible dog grooming products and the brushes are no exception.

TrueBlue Parsley &...image TrueBlue Parsley & Peppermint Fast and Fresh Dog Dental Swipes

We LOVE these wipes. Dental health is extremely important, whether your dog is 9 weeks old or 9 years old it's something you should take seriously. While brushing can be a nuisance at times this are quick and easy, a quick wipe before bed can make a big difference. Don't forget to wipe their gums and teeth.

Chase 'n Chomp...image Chase 'n Chomp Sticky Bone Pet Chew Toy, Sticks to Floor and Flat Surfaces, Provides Hours of Fun for Your Dog, Fillable, Durable & Heavy Duty $21.99

For the Home

In our home we have lots of dog beds and it wouldnt be complete without one; our blog here has our favorite dog beds. Be sure to check out our blog post for a full list of products we recommend for keeping a house clean with a dog.